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Looking for a unique gift.. Look no further. This is it!

The kit contains all the essential tools and materials you would need to make your own scented soy candle, including pure soy wax, a handmade concrete container, fragrance oil, stirring stick, crackling wood wick, a thermometer and a metal boiling pot. It includes a step-by-step, pictured guide to making the candle, which was personally created by myself ( Joy, Hi =) ) so that anyone can make their own candle at home.

Don't forget - once you are done burning your candle the container can be refilled, used as a planter, or repurposed as a container for a number of things!

DIY Candle Kit

  • Please allow 2 - 4 business days to ship.

  • All sales are final. Duplication of instruction guide is prohibited.. or whatever you're supposed to say to urge ppl to please not copy this because I worked really hard on it. 

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